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"Stop the World! I Wanna Get Off!"

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I remember being a young girl the first time I heard, "Stop the world! I wanna get off!" It conjured an image of Earth as seen from space, screeching to a halt (cartoon sound effects included), and seeing someone with a suitcase essentially leaping off the planet. What happened to the person after that, I didn't know, but I remember laughing at the idea that Earth could be seen as a large bus and you could just get off at any particular stop if you felt so inclined.

Then I grew up. Life became a series of crises and a whole lot of turmoil. There was just too much on my plate. Everywhere I turned, there were challenges and problems that took everything I had just to get through them. It took quite a while before I heard myself thinking, "Stop the world! I wanna get off!" Only this time, it wasn't making me laugh.

And of course, the world wasn't really going to let me off at some invisible bus stop in outer space. I had to figure out how to get what I needed while staying on right here on terra firma.

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It's easy for us to become overwhelmed in our insanely busy culture. There's information coming at us from all directions all the time. Phones and computers dinging and beeping with constant notifications of some sort of activity, most of which really don't matter in the least, but we treat them as though our lives depend on them.

The way we conduct business is changing, moving to the internet in a massive way while companies are closing their doors. This is adding equally massive pressure to many people. We have to reinvent ourselves, the way we connect with people, even the way we earn a living.

An extra problem is that we wait until we're overwhelmed and feeling like we're going to snap before recognise that we have to do something to reduce stress. This. Is. Not. Good.

The most important thing you can do to feel well and balanced. This will help you to deal with the challenges and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

And in order to feel well and balanced, you've got to put yourself at the top of your list of priorities. Here are a few tips:

1. Make sure you meditate every morning, even if it's only for 5-10 minutes. It sets you up for a more harmonious day.

2. Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing something you love.

3. Do some sort of physical activity each day that releases physical tension and reduces cortisol. A walk, yoga, shooting hoops, ride a bike. Even just getting down on the floor and doing some gentle stretches can make a world of difference after your work day is through.

4. Drink a lot of water to help flush toxins and reduce exhaustion and headaches.

5. Eat whole foods as often as possible and avoid junk and processed foods. What you put into your body will determine what you get out of it.

Pop into the comments below and share what you do when you need to "stop your world so you can get off." Your input could help someone else!

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Life's too short to be serious all the time

Play. Just drop what you're doing and go and play. Find a puzzle, get some Lego, buy some crayons and a colouring book, go to the park and climb on some monkey bars. Sit on a swing, zip down the slide - and laugh if you don't fit like you used to do.

Bake some cookies and decorate with silly stuff like gummy worms. Find a sandbox, fly a kite, or find some mud. There's something really therapeutic about playing in it; squishing it between bare toes is as delightful as making mud pies.

Make a telephone out of two tins and some string. Squoosh some playdough into ornaments or dopey stuff. Maybe try a hula hoop or get a skipping rope.

Play hopscotch or tag. How about pick-up-sticks or jacks? If you don't have a cartoon channel on the telly, rent an animated "kid film", like Yogi Bear, Winnie the Pooh, or Casper or look for old cartoons on Youtube.

How about blowing bubbles? Or getting one of those huge plastic hoops that makes bubbles as big as the moon?? Well, okay, perhaps not quite that big.

So much of life is about responsibility and "have to" and work and being tired. We feel guilty when we carve out a little time for fun or just relaxing. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's good for you to play, to have fun and some down time.

If you work, work, work all the time, you owe it to yourself to find some play-time amidst your busy life. It's essential to your mental health and to being the best version of yourself that you can be. Keeping yourself topped up with positive input means you'll feel better, do better, and you'll have a lot more to give.

A little play-time will make all the miserable responsible bits a lot more palatable. Life should be about balance, and if you spent most of your time working or doing boring, miserable responsible stuff that feels like work, you're missing the point of being here.

Whether you're having naughty snacks or are out bowling, riding bikes or doing other great 'kid stuff', as long as you're feeding your "inner child", you'll be in great shape. That little child will demand to be heard, especially when things get bumpy as it's so easily ignored at that time.

Cut yourself - and that little child - some slack. A little playfulness and fun are life-giving - life-altering. Go and have a great time! Enjoy yourself!

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