Would You Like a Reading?

Maybe you're feeling stuck. Perhaps a bit lost and needing direction. Or you could use some clarity, some guidance, a new perspective, or some answers that will bring you hope.

I know how that feels.

Combining my own turbulent life and healing journey, my professional background in social work and counselling, and my abilities as a psychic and medium, for decades my unique perspectives and insights have been assisting countless people.

I am able to tune in and "laser focus" on some of the deeper issues or other factors that may be causing or contributing to your current challenges. My gentle guidance will bring you clarity, assisting you in getting unstuck and moving again. I can help you to love and forgive yourself, to let go of old wounds and pain, and to connect with the beautiful spirit that is your true essence.

And perhaps, as sometimes happens during my sessions, one or two of your loved ones might come through with healing words of comfort and encouragement. It's always such a blessing when we get messages from the spirit world.

I will not give you health or financial advice. I am not going to tell you if you should fold your business, go bankrupt, have that surgery etc. Those big decisions are for you to decide with qualified professionals. 

Instead, my compassionate, heart-centered guidance readings will help you find the clarity, direction and hope that will inspire you to move forward if you're feeling stuck. 

Contact me here to book your appointment and let's get you back into the light of hope.

Consultations are via phone or video. For the Calgary area, in-person appointments available.

Secure Payment options: Paypal, some cryptocurrencies, e-transfer (Canada only)


find out with this 50-Point Quiz!

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This comprehensive quiz was developed by international Psychic Medium and Award-Winning Author, Liberty Forrest, who has appeared numerous times on BBC Radio doing "psychic phone-ins."



A Paranormal Romance

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The Prequel to The Montgomery Chronicles, "Grave Truths," is a prologue to introduce you to two characters who are major players in the series.

Robert Montgomery is a recent graduate from medical school and set to move from Albany, New York and take a job in a small town near Nashville. But on the morning of his intended departure, a series of frighteningly spooky events keep him from leaving.

As a result, a chance encounter with the lovely Lucy Watson ultimately turns both their lives upside down. Lucy’s wedding is just three days away. Already suspicious that her fiancé, George Williams, has dark secrets, now this handsome stranger has dropped a bomb right in the middle of her life. 

And within hours of meeting him, she, too, is unhinged by a creepy and disturbing event that leaves her questioning her sanity. 

Despite the efforts of each of these people to keep their respective lives on course, everything begins to unravel. And finally, certain truths are revealed — with some help from beyond the grave…

Liberty in the Media


For five years, international Psychic and Medium Liberty Forrest was a frequent guest on BBC Radio doing "psychic phone-ins" for listeners. She also took to the stage in her capacity as a medium, connecting audience members with loved ones in spirit. Currently, she enjoys assisting people with developing their abilities as psychics and mediums.

Liberty is also an award-winning author, columnist, and Huffington Post contributor. She has written several non-fiction books and colouring books on inspirational self-development topics. Currently, her writing focus is paranormal thriller fiction. 

"Liberty has read for me over the phone, by email and face-to-face...several times over the last eight years or so. Every time, she has been so accurate and direct to the point…

‘She doesn’t just ‘tell you what you want to hear,’ but delivers her honest readings with such professionalism and accuracy, and has such a soothing voice and mannerism that it is always positive and relaxing…

“I would honestly recommend Liberty…A Beautiful and gifted reader.”

- Jullie O’Connor, Stourbridge, UK


"I came across [Liberty] years ago…when she made regular appearances on BBC Radio…I tried to ring in a few times but the phone lines were always packed and I could understand why.

“I can say with reverence that she is the real deal and you won’t be disappointed — one of the best I have ever come across. Enough said.”

- Tanya Bartley, London, UK


"I had the opportunity to see Liberty in action and it was incredible. She was able to provide many validating and helpful messages for a grieving friend of mine. Her messages were very detailed and accurate so that there was no doubt that she had connected with a passed loved one.

"It is such a beautiful gift that Liberty has to share with the world. Nothing short of amazing. You will not be disappointed!”

- Terri-Lynn Hillier, Calgary


"I have had many readings over the years with Liberty and she has always given a new perspective on my life challenges, enabling me to see things from an alternative angle. She taps into spirit like no other, and I would highly recommend her for all kinds of spiritual work and readings.

“Give her a try, you will truly be amazed! Thank you, Liberty, for all your wonderful insightfulness and unique innate wisdom.”

- Sandy Becker, Dorset UK

“I have had the privilege of meeting with Liberty as a medium as well as a psychic and the work she does is phenomenal…"

- Joetta Penney, Nfld.

“I cannot express the amount of relief and joy I felt after the reading Liberty did for me. My mother died unexpectedly and there were issues that she and I never got around to sorting out. A colossal weight was lifted off my shoulders with the information that was passed on to me from my mother. It all made sense. It was definitely from her.

“And surprisingly, I got insights into my own life that I had never realised before. Readings can be such a blessing. Thank you ever so much, Liberty.”

- A.M. Kandiuk Toronto