Hi, I'm Liberty Forrest. I am an Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Master Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and Certified Hypnotist.  I spent decades overcoming obstacles and transforming my life, and I have been blessed with sacred gifts and knowledge that can help you transform yours, too.

Reduce Anxiety in Minutes with These 7 Life-Changing Tips!

What Would Your Life Be Like If You Never Suffered From Anxiety Again? 

I know the gnawing fear that eats at your guts. The unprovoked panic that comes out of nowhere. The racing heart that feels as though it will explode. And I know those terrifying, tormenting "what if" thoughts. The ones that crank anxiety into overdrive, out of control. And now you’re in full-blown panic.

For many years, I had frequent panic attacks that began when I was a young child. In my late teens, I developed OCD, anorexia and agoraphobia and eventually, an addiction to deal with all that anxiety. For another decade, I was desperate, trapped in a hopeless, vicious cycle. My despair was unending. At times, I just wanted to die. It seemed the only way my suffering would stop. 

AND then one day, I learned a SECRET. A secret that started me down a path of HOPE — and HEALING. A secret that led to others, all of which changed my life.

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"Liberty's work has a beautiful, authentic and grounded healing energy to it that is often missing in meditation downloads. This is coupled with a technical ability that is also rare. Her Inner Child meditations are some of the 'cleanest' I have experienced and I often suggest them to clients as part of their inner journey.” -

-Oliver Baum, Integrative Psychotherapist and Practice Director at The Owl Practice

"I came across [Liberty] years ago…when she made regular appearances on BBC Radio…I tried to ring in a few times but the phone lines were always packed and I could understand why.

“I can say with reverence that she is the real deal and you won’t be disappointed — one of the best I have ever come across. Enough said.”

- Tanya Bartley, London, UK

“I have tried many different meditation courses. I have followed meditation practice advice from several instructors and students. I have experienced basic YouTube courses to expensive Mind Valley meditation courses and courses in between. I was unable to consistently maintain a meditative practice due to my "monkey mind."  My thoughts would race, perpetual overthinking would dominate my consciousness. 

“I am grateful and blessed to say that I was guided to Liberty Forrest and her Mindfulness Meditation Course! I now have a meditation practice full of inner peace! With Liberty's 30-Day course, 30 days of recordings, each day is different, and her award-winning book that accompanies the downloads, a whole new world has opened up for me! I am so Grateful Miss Liberty! I only wish I had found you sooner! May you be blessed!”

- Sue Garcia Flagstaff Az USA


“I am so grateful for Liberty's meditation course. I had done so many other trainings and read so many books about meditation but I was still just sitting quietly with my mind spinning and getting frustrated. The tools and skills I received from Liberty were life changing. Having the ability to slip into deep meditation within a few moments regardless of what is going on around me or inside of me was a game changer. I honestly can't thank you enough, Liberty.”

- Terri-Lynn, Alberta, Canada


"Liberty's meditation classes were really life changing for me. Her soothing energy and clear instruction really helped to guide me into a place of deep meditation. These classes are great for beginners as well as the more experienced….At the end of the class I always felt happy and renewed from the inside out. Thank you for that Liberty!”

- J Penney, British Columbia, Canada

"Amazing!! Going through a rough patch... but still have to work and parent... thought I was gonna lose it (or crack)... Liberty’s “Kill the Anxiety Beast” brought me back to the present and grounded me. The feelings of anxiety stopped immediately! I had no idea it could be this easy! Where have you been all my life??? The techniques I learned are going straight into my toolbox for regular use!! I am more relieved in general just knowing that they’re there.”

- Vicky Pierson, Calgary, Canada

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