Thanks for dropping in! I’m Liberty Forrest, a Hypnotist and Mindfulness Meditation Expert. Since the mid-1990s, I’ve been helping clients overcome obstacles by unlocking the power of their minds. Focusing primarily on the business and corporate sector, I assist executives across the globe with boosting confidence, reducing stress, eliminating fear of public speaking or making presentations, and more.

What people are saying…

"Liberty's work has a beautiful, authentic and grounded healing energy to it that is often missing in [guided hypnosis] downloads. This is coupled with a technical ability that is also rare. Her Inner Child [hypnosis recordings] are some of the 'cleanest' I have experienced and I often suggest them to clients as part of their inner journey.”

- Oliver Baum, Integrative Psychotherapist and Practice Director at The Owl Practice

"I came across [Liberty] years ago…when she made regular appearances on BBC Radio…I tried to ring in a few times but the phone lines were always packed and I could understand why.

“I can say with reverence that she is the real deal and you won’t be disappointed — one of the best I have ever come across. Enough said.”

- Tanya Bartley, London, UK

"Amazing!! Going through a rough patch... but still have to work and parent... thought I was gonna lose it (or crack)... Liberty…brought me back to the present and grounded me. The feelings of anxiety stopped immediately! I had no idea it could be this easy! Where have you been all my life??? The techniques I learned are going straight into my toolbox for regular use!! I am more relieved in general just knowing that they’re there.”

- Vicky Pierson, Calgary, Canada

“Liberty is one of the most inspirational people I have met. She came into my life when I was struggling…Her wealth of knowledge...was so valuable…as was her innate ability to ‘know’ what could be of help…

“She gave me hope and a positive focus during fear-driven moments..she is a true sensitive and passionate light worker with much knowledge to share.”

Jo Reid, Plymouth UK

"A gifted listener and a gentle advocate, Liberty draws on a lifetime of extraordinary experiences and offers genuine, heart centered guidance. She generously shares her insights, humor and zest for life."

 - S Hoover

"Liberty is a wise and intelligent woman who gives from the heart. She can help change lives ... the depth and knowledge which emanate from her caring soul have recharged my emotional batteries so many times.

"She is a gifted spiritual individual unlike any other person. The world needs Liberty and her healing words and actions."

- A-G Mallory

“Over the years with Liberty has always given a new perspective on my life challenges, enabling me to see things from an alternative angle…I would highly recommend her…Thank you, Liberty, for all your wonderful insightfulness and unique innate wisdom.”

- Sandy Becker, Dorset UK

“I have tried many different meditation courses. I have followed meditation practice advice from several instructors and students. I have experienced basic YouTube courses to expensive Mind Valley meditation courses and courses in between. I was unable to consistently maintain a meditative practice due to my "monkey mind."  My thoughts would race, perpetual overthinking would dominate my consciousness. 

“I am grateful and blessed to say that I was guided to Liberty Forrest and her Mindfulness Meditation Course! I now have a meditation practice full of inner peace! With Liberty's 30-Day course, 30 days of recordings, each day is different, and her award-winning book that accompanies the downloads, a whole new world has opened up for me! I am so Grateful Miss Liberty! I only wish I had found you sooner! May you be blessed!”

- Sue Garcia Flagstaff Az USA


“I am so grateful for Liberty's mindfulness course. I had done so many other trainings and read so many books about meditation but I was still just sitting quietly with my mind spinning and getting frustrated. The tools and skills I received from Liberty were life changing. Having the ability to slip into deep meditation within a few moments regardless of what is going on around me or inside of me was a game changer. I honestly can't thank you enough, Liberty.”

- Terri-Lynn, Alberta, Canada


"Liberty's mindfulness classes were really life changing for me. Her soothing energy and clear instruction really helped to guide me into a place of deep meditation. These classes are great for beginners as well as the more experienced….At the end of the class I always felt happy and renewed from the inside out. Thank you for that Liberty!”

- J Penney, British Columbia, Canada