My background is in social work, during which I added hypnosis training to better assist my counselling clients.

I am also a meditation instructor and have created several guided meditation and hypnosis recordings on various topics such as inner child healing, pain relief, stopping smoking, weight loss, manifesting abundance, and more. As well, I have led many courses in personal and spiritual development, teaching the many valuable lessons I've learned through my work and my life.

Along with my various other recordings, there is also a fantastic 30-day online mindfulness meditation course! Each day you will get an email with a link to a 10-minute audio file to help you with discipline and to teach you several different meditation techniques. You will also receive a PDF of my award-winning book, Meditation Essentials: How to Quiet Your Mind to Achieve More Personal and Professional Success.

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After decades of suffering on all levels, including having a significant heart problem that by rights should have killed me, I was out of options and out of hope. I'd heard those occasional stories of people who cure themselves of one thing or another and in desperation, I swore I would be one of them. I hadn't a clue how I would do it, but I was determined to figure it out.

And I did.

My book, The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing, documents my journey of research and experimentation, including documented medical cases and scientific evidence that prove how and why it is possible for us to heal ourselves.

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We hear stories about how people spontaneously cure themselves of cancer, or walk again after being told it is impossible. This is a short trailer for a book that offers scientific evidence about how we are able to heal ourselves of virtually any ailment.

"...a compelling read..."

"I have always believed in the power of the mind, but, unlike liberty, I was too lazy and diverted to explore. Using the example of her own struggles, liberty quickly establishes her credentials as an authority on her subjects; And there are many of them. The Power and Simplicity of Self- Healing is a compelling read I would recommend to anyone."

- John Warner, Author

"So Much good info that I use daily!"

"I love this book! Such a good read. I own a hard copy (and have given away a few as gifts) and I bought it on Kindle too so I could always have a copy of it on my tablet and phone. So much good info that I use daily! This was one of the first books that helped me understand how to apply many self help concepts into my own life. "

- T-L Hillier



"This book gives amazing scientific evidence that we can control our own health. There are so many examples of what you can do to help yourself. Some of these methods are now part of my everyday life. You will want to read this book more than once. The second read clarifies things in your mind even more. Get out the highlighter to highlight all those fantastic points you will want to refer to again and again. If you are interested in better health you should read this book."

- A M Kandiuk

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