Psychic Development Course - Option 1


Psychic Development Course - Option 1

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This eight-week automated online course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the most important aspects of developing and using your gifts as a psychic or medium. You will receive one unit per week, with Unit 1 available to download immediately after purchase (NOTE: You must download within 24 hours or the link will be invalid).

The course includes such information as the following:

  • How psychometry works and how to do it

  • How to use the more common divination tools

  • The different psychic abilities and which ones are your strengths

  • How to open your Third Eye

  • How to raise your vibrational frequency to do readings

  • How to protect yourself energetically

  • How to interpret the information you receive

  • How to connect with your aura and expand it

  • How to make predictions

  • How telepathy works and ways you can practice

  • How to keep your chakras clear, open and balanced

  • How to connect with Source energy

  • How to use your abilities with integrity and in a way that won’t do you — or anyone else — any harm karmically or otherwise

  • How to avoid having your abilities taken from you

  • The importance of grounding yourself — and how to do it — before doing spiritual work

  • How to turn your abilities on and off so you don’t inadvertently violate others’ privacy, and/or burn yourself out

  • How to decipher symbols and figure out what they mean

  • How to read from a distance

  • How to improve your focus and concentration to assist you with readings

  • How and why it is possible to connect with the energies of others in this realm or in spirit

  • How to prepare yourself and your space before doing readings

  • How to avoid some of the day-to-day aspects of life that can present challenges to doing readings

  • Which kinds of readings you should not do, and why

  • How to distinguish a bad dream from a premonition

  • Various methods to clear and protect a space (home, office, etc.)

  • What you might be ingesting that can adversely affect your psychic abilities

  • How to keep your energy clean and flowing

  • The impact that being in nature can have on your readings

  • How to meditate in such a way as to enhance your psychic/mediumship abilities

  • How to keep your energy high

  • Environmental factors that can help or hinder your ability to connect as a psychic or medium

  • How emotional issues can impact your ability to do readings and what you can do about them

  • The difference between intuition and psychic ability

  • How to conduct client-centered readings and check your own “stuff” at the door

  • The importance of creating a certain ritual to begin and end your readings

  • Various methods to practice all you will learn

  • And more…