Meet Your Spirit Guide Course: Guided Meditation and eBook


Meet Your Spirit Guide Course: Guided Meditation and eBook


For easy access to guidance, direction, wisdom and insights that are specific to you, meet your True Spirit Guide! Download the guided meditation and the accompanying ebook that will help you create and build this life-changing relationship. 

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*NOTE: After you purchase this course, you'll receive a link to download it. The link will expire in 24 hours so be sure to download as soon as you receive it.

I've created this beautiful course that will assist you in meeting your True Spirit Guide. Even if you've already met other guides, or even if you're currently being assisted by your dear old Granny or another loved one who has passed to the spirit world, this particular method of accessing your guide will likely introduce you to one you haven't met yet, and whose insights will change your life. 

The course includes a relaxing and enjoyable guided meditation that you can download, along with some written material, plus suggested steps you can take to deepen the relationship you will have with your guide -- and with yourself. 

Here are just some of the benefits you'll receive from taking this course:

  • Receive free, unlimited, unbiased compassionate support from your guide, and that is tailored exactly to you and your needs

  • Learn how to spot a false guide

  • Have help in discovering the right people and circumstances to allow into your life

  • Learn to connect with your guide quickly and easily for those "spur of the moment" decisions that arise

  • Raise your vibrational frequency, which helps with your psychic development

  • Find clarity about your life's purpose

  • Manifest your desires faster

  • Improve creativity and ideas that assist in all areas of life

  • Learn to pay attention to your guide's warnings that can help keep you safe

  • Discover a deeper connection with such energies as courage, compassion, and love

  • Be directed to people, resources, situations etc. that you need when you're stuck or unsure

  • Understand the bigger picture during difficulties, and accept the challenges you're facing

  • Gain better understanding of your dreams

    Meeting your spirit guide will assist you not just with your psychic awareness and development, but with all aspects of your life in general.