“I had the opportunity to see Liberty in action and it was incredible. She was able to provide many validating and helpful messages for a grieving friend of mine. Her messages were very detailed and accurate so that there was no doubt that she had connected with a passed loved one.

“It is such a beautiful gift that Liberty has to share with the world. Nothing short of amazing. You will not be disappointed!”

- Terri-Lynn Hillier, Calgary

“Liberty has read for me over the phone, by email and face-to-face, all types, several times over the last eight years or so. Every time, she has been so accurate and direct to the point.

“She doesn’t just ‘tell you what you want to hear,’ but delivers her honest readings with such professionalism and accuracy, and has such a soothing voice and mannerism that it is always positive and relaxing.

“I would honestly recommend Liberty…A Beautiful and gifted reader.”

- Julie O’Connor, Stourbridge, UK

Recommendation by the lovely Dr Joy Martina, brain training expert and holistic psychologist,

“[As a medium connecting an audience with loved ones in spirit] Liberty filled the place with her warmth, her light and her loving presence.

“I remember how touched those were who did receive messages through Liberty. She delivered them in such a kind manner, and yet very professionally. I was very impressed and am forever grateful to have been able to be part of this.”

- Karin Copper, Germany

"A gifted listener and a gentle advocate, Liberty draws on a lifetime of extraordinary experiences and offers genuine, heart centered guidance.  She generously shares her insights, humor and zest for life."

 - S Hoover

"Liberty is a wise and intelligent woman who gives from the heart. She can help change lives ... the depth and knowledge which emanate from her caring soul have recharged my emotional batteries so many times.

"She is a gifted spiritual individual unlike any other person. The world needs Liberty and her healing words and actions."

- A-G Mallory

“I tried to ring in [to the BBC} a few times but the phone lines were always packed and I could understand why. But the Universe allowed me to get in contact with Liberty another way…

“I can say with reverence that she is the real deal and you won’t be disappointed — one of the best I have ever come across.”

- Tanya Bartley, London, UK

“I have had many readings over the years with Liberty and she has always given a new perspective on my life challenges, enabling me to see things from an alternative angle.

“She taps into spirit like no other, and I would highly recommend her for all kinds of spiritual work and readings…

“Give her a try, you will truly be amazed! Thank you, Liberty, for all your wonderful insightfulness and unique innate wisdom.”

- Sandy Becker, Dorset UK

“I cannot express the amount of relief and joy I felt after the reading Liberty did for me. My mother died unexpectedly and there were issues that she and I never got around to sorting out…A colossal weight was lifted off my shoulders with the information that was passed on to me from my mother. It all made sense. It was definitely from her…

“…And surprisingly, I got insights into my own life that I had never realised before. Readings can be such a blessing. Thank you ever so much, Liberty.”

- A.M. Kandiuk, Toronto

“Liberty is one of the most inspirational people I have met. She came into my life when I was struggling…

“Her wealth of knowledge...was so valuable…as was her innate ability to ‘know’ what could be of help…

“She gave me hope and a positive focus during fear-driven moments..she is a true sensitive and passionate light worker with much knowledge to share.”

Jo Reid, Plymouth UK

“I have had the privilege of meeting with Liberty as a medium as well as a psychic and the work she does is phenomenal. 

“Liberty is an amazing woman...my life has changed completely since meeting [her] and for that I am forever grateful. xo”

-J Penney, Nfld.

“Liberty is a warm, genuine and gifted lady who is incredibly generous with her time and advice. I have been fortunate to have had her guidance on numerous occasions, and each time have felt enlightened and energised.

“She has the gift of insight and is very in tune with other people’s emotions. She can offer an approach or solution to a problem having been given very little detail.

“Over a year ago, I had twin girls and Liberty was able to accurately predict their personalities just from a photograph of them when they were a month old! They have turned out exactly as she said they would!

“One is very extroverted, physical and mischievous, the other is quiet and observant. They are identical so how she could have been able to read them so accurately, I have no idea! Amazing!

“Liberty has been a real source of reassurance and knowledge. I trust her entirely and would recommend her highly.”

- E. Black, UK