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So ... Life is Kicking Your @$$ ... Here's Why.

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Recently, I was chatting with a dear friend. She commented on the fact that the current Full Moon (said to be an especially potent one in astrology terms) was seriously kicking her @$$. Apparently, all sorts of unexpected weirdness and emotional issues bubbled up and a significant blast from the past nearly knocked her sideways.

She was bemoaning the fact that this was all kind of overwhelming. She was asking why this "divine connection 'crap' has to be so f****** hard?!" She wondered if we choose this stuff while still in spirit and asked (with the laugh-till-you-cry emoji) "What were we thinking?????"

At least she's kept her humour about it all.

I can certainly relate to how she's feeling and I've known countless people down the years who feel the same way - although not always with as much humour as this particular beautiful friend. Sometimes life can get terribly messy and painfully ugly and it's not so easy to breeze through the bigger challenges that get thrown at us.

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But whether you're struggling with the Big Ugly Stuff or something more minor, my answer to the question of "why the hell is this happening to me?" would be the same. Essentially, it's time for you to expand, to stretch and do more, grow more, and become more.

I told my friend that a strong @$$-whooping is a compliment from the universe. It's telling you that you're capable of handling great change and a big, positive shift.

I added that it's really not an @$$-kicking. It's Mama Bird chucking Baby out of the nest and saying, "See?? You're ready to fly!" It's scary but Baby Bird flaps and freaks out and then...FLIES.

The bigger the life challenges, the more you're being asked to shift into whatever is next for you. It's not that the universe is picking on you. It's not that God has abandoned you (whatever the word "God" might mean to you).

In fact, it's quite the opposite. You've been chosen to move up in your personal and spiritual journey. It's progress! The sooner you embrace it, the easier it will be.

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