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Meet the incredibly talented, beautiful-inside-and-out Debbi Dachinger, who has blasted her way through life bulldozing obstacles without batting an eye, and always with that sparkling, radiant smile.

As an award-winning actress and singer, host of the multi-award-winning syndicated radio show "Dare to Dream", and international best-selling author, Dachinger attributes these and numerous other successes to following her heart.

As a child, Dachinger remembers, "We didn't have a lot...and I wasn't given things that other people have but...I was given gifts that keep on giving...[like] really powerful intuition that has guided me beautifully through life."

Although the family lacked material wealth, Dachinger says it was rich in intellectual pursuits and a spirit of entrepreneurship, both of which the Goal and Success Expert says have contributed significantly to her many accomplishments. "My grandfather, Sidney J. Lawrence, was a world-famous musician and inventor of musical things. He was quite a personality, very charming, much beloved. He was a big force for many of us," she recalls fondly.

"People in his day said it was impossible to teach music to a child with developmental delays or special needs." One of his achievements was that he proved everyone wrong and founded just such a school on Long Island. He also created inventions that helped people who had trouble reading music. Dachinger learned at an early age that "...when there's an idea out there of limitation or that something can't be done, if my heart says it can, I follow it and see the idea through to actuality. That's been a lot of my story."

As a young woman who wanted to be an actress, eventually Dachinger couldn't tolerate one more New York winter and headed for California and USC where she wanted to major in performing arts. "The Dean said, 'You don't have the best average. I don't know how you're going to fare amongst people who are operating at a very different level than you are,'" Dachinger recalls. Laughing, she adds, "I was so full of myself! I just said, 'Acting is a difficult career. I'm going to constantly be up against people and obstacles. All I can say is, 'Bring it!' I'm gonna show you that I can be an 'A' student!"

Graduating after just 3-1/2 years, she made it to the Dean's List for the last two.

Dachinger moved to LA and was "...booking things here and there, TV commercials and theatre...I was gifted with doing theatre all over the world. It was a great love for me."

Yes, it seemed the effervescent young beauty had the world by the tail. There was nothing this indomitable spirit could not accomplish if she set her mind to it.

Until she and her husband decided to start a family.

Enduring tests, fertility treatments, hormone shots and even giving up her career in an effort to increase her chances for a successful pregnancy, still there were miscarriages. "I believe that life gives us things in order to change our direction," offers Dachinger, "and sometimes it's tough things, because that forces us to surrender, and not know, and give up control. Before, I was always so sure of myself as an actress and a singer. But during those 3-1/2 years, I was in this period of not knowing. Not knowing whether I was going to get pregnant. Not knowing what I was going to do with myself."

Coming out of that difficult period, Dachinger began to make jewelry for herself. After receiving numerous requests from people who wanted to purchase it, within just three months she booked an appointment with the buyer of one of the most posh Beverly Hills department stores. The woman suggested Dachinger find more of her own voice in her jewelry and come back.

Following her heart, Dachinger made a different choice. "I went to another Beverly Hills store. They put my jewelry in five of their stores across the country. A seven-year career was born. I loved it."

When her passion for jewelry waned, Dachinger began doing motivational speeches in L.A. It was then that a producer asked her to audition for a cartoon voice over. During the conference call audition, Dachinger says she bombed. Once again, she followed her heart. "Before hanging up, I asked if I could do a voice that had come to me and [when I did it], they cracked up...I got the job."

Then a small music radio show kept her busy until the station manager offered her own one-hour talk show. "That was a moment of clarity," she explains. "It felt like everything that had come from before...acting, performing, my self-development... And later toastmasters and public speaking, all of this made me be very spontaneous on air, so I can connect with an audience and deliver what they might want."

Dachinger's outwardly charmed life has not always been easy, making her even more appreciative of its numerous blessings. As difficult as the journey has been at times, she trusts that by following her heart, her many gifts and her life's purpose have been revealed one step at a time. "I will not respect myself if I choose to listen to the dragon thoughts as opposed to the dream inspiration. It's so important for me to trust that it was given to me for a reason. An enormous part of my life is helping others with this, too..."

She adds, "I think for those of us to whom not much is given, wisdom is delivered and to teach is required."

How blessed we are that she follows her heart there, too.

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