You might find it the easiest thing in the world to give to others but perhaps you aren’t so good at receiving. You might find it hard enough to say “yes” when help is offered and feel like it’s downright impossible to ask for it. 

But receiving can be a sacred act when your intention is to honour your Spirit, as well as the Spirit of the giver. When you receive with a humble and open heart, it is a holy act and especially when you are receiving much-needed nurturing.

I know you love to give, but if you are not nurtured, eventually you will be entirely depleted and exhausted. There will be nothing for you to give. You can find many ways to nurture yourself, to honour and respect yourself and be gentle with yourself while you re-energise. And when others love and care for you, it is important for you to graciously allow them to nurture you, too.

You must remember that giving and receiving are two halves of a beautiful, sacred whole. You cannot have one without the other. 

And when someone is offering help from a place of genuine care and support, if you don’t accept that help you’re depriving them of experiencing the joy of giving from the heart. 

It is a blessing to give, and it is a blessing to receive. Allow yourself to step into the fullness and wholeness of that perfect cycle and receive the blessings that others want to give to you.