Do you have a dream? Maybe even a few? I hope so. But I know it's possible that you don't.

Perhaps you had one that died. And if that's the case, what happened to it? Did you or someone else kill it? Or did it die from neglect?

It is our natural state to dream. Little kids are always fantasizing, dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up They use their imaginations and make up games all the time. They're creative, inventive, loaded with ideas and possibilities.


Somewhere along the way, after a lot of disillusionment and crushing disappointment, they turned around and saw that their dreams had disappeared. There was no more fantasizing. No more believing in possibilities, or even in themselves. Their journeys had become flat, lifeless, boring.

So one pointless step after another, they plod on through life, shoulders drooping, head hanging, wondering why they should bother at all, except to get the bills paid and muddle through the long string of unexciting, uninspiring days that lie ahead.

Insert a dream into that picture, a vision for something wonderful, something fulfilling and rewarding that lies ahead and you get a completely different feeling.

Suddenly, everything has colour again. There is a reason to get through those days. There is excitement, anticipation, planning and hoping. Everything looks brighter because life has meaning and purpose again.

When you have dreams, they'll always be a reflection of some big part of who you are. In pursuing those dreams, you're on a path that leads you to greater self-awareness, self-expression and creativity.

With each new dream you have, you discover even more about yourself. You explore, reach, stretch, and get a little closer to becoming all you're meant to be.

As a hypnotist, I've seen some pretty amazing things that can be achieved in the body because of the power of the mind. So even if you have a dream that you think is impossible, keep dreaming, even if for no other reason than "it feels good." It transports you to a beautiful, happy place, alters the chemistry in your body and lifts your spirits.

We have enough misery in life; it's great to have some fun and be on the lookout for happiness wherever we can find it. So what if you're 68 years old and everyone thinks you're nuts to still dream of being a rock star someday? Put on those leathers, strap on your guitar and scream till you're hoarse, all the while envisioning the sea of faces in front of you, the tens of thousands who have come to hear your music.

Have you forgotten how to dream? I've been there - more than once. For most of my life, every dream I ever had was blown to smithereens so I gave up bothering after a while. I went so long without having one, I didn't even think about them any more.

But then I changed my life. And suddenly, dreams began to spring up again out of nowhere. Now I'm actively digging for them and I've got so many, I can't keep track. They motivate me, inspire me, encourage me as I'm motoring along through my insanely busy life. They are the reason I work crazy hours and have my hand in so many pots, I've lost count.

My days revolve around pursuing my dreams, which makes me happier than I could ever begin to describe. I'm truly blessed in that everything I do for "work" is just a natural part of who I am, so it doesn't feel like work. I'm just living somewhere on the continuum of my dreams which have been realised to a great extent in some ways, but not in others - yet! - and I look forward to watching them unfold.

Having been dreamless for such a long time, it makes me even more appreciative for the many dreams I have now, especially as I'm seeing them become my reality. I don't even care about the ones that died or were beaten to death so long ago.

I wish that at those times, I'd have seen that I just needed to get a new dream. I wouldn't have suffered so much, wouldn't have felt that terrible aching loss and the emptiness that go with grieving for something that never will be.

But that was before I knew any better.

I don't want to hear about how it hurts to dream and have it be taken from you. Stop dwelling on the past. Just because previous dreams were shattered, it doesn't mean the next one will be, too. And if it is, you'll survive.

If you don't have a dream right now, get one. You can go to the Dream Store. It never closes. There's an endless selection of dreams, in every shape, colour and magnitude imaginable. And guess what? Dreams are free. They let you take as many as you want. They don't even care if you stuff your pockets with them, only to take them home and stash them away for later.

Okay.  Now you know there's no excuse for not having a dream.  If you don't have one, do yourself a really enormous favour today, before you go to bed tonight. Go on now. Get yourself a dream.