Guest Blogger Luci McMonagle: Creating Invisible Acts of Grace

When I started my current business as an Abundance Success Coach I had no idea how much it would grow and stretch me in ways I never thought possible. It has transformed me. It has not always been this way for me. Not so long ago I was lost and unsure how I would be able to take my passion to transform lives, make an impact on the world and still make a living. Through driving across America, I discovered what I now call invisible acts of grace.

I use to think that I’d have to be a heroine to make a big impact on the world. But that was far from the truth. I discovered it can be as easy as taking notice of someone else and an act of kindness.

It was not until recently that I could fully explain this process. This grace allowed my passion to go from a small faint stir of desire to make an impact on the world to a quiet still voice and now a knowingness of how I can accomplish creating the greatest impact. Recalling this amazing journey still inspires me. I created invisible acts of grace by acknowledging another person in a simple act of kindness that instilled the power of grace in both of us.

My first encounter still leaves me teary. I was traveling from Memphis, Tennessee to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Along my journey I stopped at a hotel for the night. The hotel clerk, Dana, was a sweet lady. She briefly mentioned it was her birthday the following day when I asked what the date was. There was something deep and sad that stirred inside of me, but I could not put my finger on it. I purchased a birthday card earlier at a truck stop for no particular reason.

After unpacking I gave her the card. Tears began to stream down her face as she began to tell me that her kidneys were failing from all of the years of being on prescription antidepressants. She was unaware that they would shorten her life by years. 

As we hugged and she cried she told me that she’d never had a stranger be so kind in her hard life. It was a simple card and an act of kindness that brought tears of joy to a lady with a prognosis that was grim. I was a witness to a miracle that day. It transformed both of us. Consider an act of kindness whenever you travel. It could be a miracle that someone needs. These acts of kindness bring about an invisible act of grace.

The second miracle I witnessed was when I went to Atlanta, Georgia to help with the Mission to feed the homeless for their annual Christmas dinner. I rented an average hotel a few miles from the Mission. After the long day of feeding others and helping I felt exhausted and hungry. I decided to go directly to the hotel figuring I would have delivery for dinner.

After getting to the hotel I went into the lobby to get the advertisements for food delivery that I noticed when I checked in. There was a young lady working and I cheerfully started chatting with her. I found pizza advertisements that were only good for a large pizza. I asked if she would be interested in sharing because I really dislike throwing food away. She agreed to accommodate me and I went back to my room to order.

When the pizza arrived I brought it to the office with the paper plates and plastic forks. As she started to take a piece of pizza I noticed tears streaming down her face. I was a bit unsure what to say, so I softly said, “Is everything alright?”

She wiped her tears for a bit until she started to tell me that she did not eat for two days because she was saving the money to have a lump removed from her breast that the doctors thought was cancerous. When she started sobbing I hugged her gently and told her everything was going to be alright. She said she was never treated nice before and that she could not tell her family because they would predict her doom.

She told me that my kindness gave her the strength to make it through this and that she started to believe that she would be alright after listening to me. As we talked about her future dreams and how proud she was of her daughter being an honor student I could feel her fear fading into faith. I felt a surge of grace surrounding us with an empowering calm that you can only experience.

It was from these first two experiences that I started to remember all of the acts of grace that I have done. I’ve decided that I have many more to do. Once I made this decision to intentionally create invisible acts of grace my inner purpose started revealing itself to me. I can clearly see how I can make an impact on the world, transform lives and make a good living doing so. It’s this grace that I attribute to blessing me. It has directed me to teach others like you how to use acts of grace with conscious language to transform lives.

This spreads out to all areas of your life and you began to live your life by design and not by default. When you combine an invisible act of grace with words of power everyone benefits and allows you to witness miracles. If there is only one thing you do today after reading this, please let it be a moment of compassion and see how an act of kindness can create an invisible act of grace. I’d love to hear about the miracles you create.

Luci McMonagle is an Abundance Success Coach, Writer, and host of the Wealthy Wednesday Radio Show. She mentors conscious ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women that are passionate about making a difference in the world. Her specialty is empowering women, like you, to take control of your mindset, claim your worth and update your skills for abundance creation. To find out more about Luci go to her website at