Are you a speaker, performer or entrepreneur who would love to build your visibility through speaking, whether to small groups in a cozy environment or to vast multitudes of followers hanging on your every word? And are you finding yourself getting stopped in your tracks by fear and anxiety around speaking in front of groups of any size?


work with me and I'll guarantee dead "butterflies"!


Does this sound like you?

  • Are you passionate about what you do but terrified to share it in public?
  • Do you stumble over even the most simple self-introduction in front of a group?
  • Do you want to grow your business and get more clients faster and easier?
  • Do you have a compelling message to share but getting up in front of a room just scares the pants off of you?
  • Does the thought of being on a stage intrigue you, but the reality is daunting?

If you have said “that’s me” to one or more of these, then we should talk, because these are the exact issues I help tomorrow’s speakers overcome.

What if, in a very simple and "do-able" way, you could instead experience:

  • Calm and poise when speaking to groups
  • The ability to deliver your message without fear
  • Energy and excitement (instead of nerves and nausea) when presenting from the stage
  • Increased focus, concentration and smooth delivery of your most important insights

How would that change your career? Your sense of self-expression? Your income? Your quality of life?

If this sounds like something that would help you move forward in a fresh and empowered way, then I have great news!

In my own life, I’ve battled with stage fright and massive anxiety disorders, and I have spent a lot of my life learning powerful tools and techniques to dissolve them, not only for myself, but for others I’ve seen struggling along the way.

It’s my passion to share what I’ve learned with those who are destined to change the world through their words and their teachings, and I can get them out there in a bigger way. So to support you in your path, I’ve created a mouthwatering kit of tools to help you do just that.

Contact me about my “Free Yourself From Fear” speaker’s kit and let’s start getting you out there in a bigger way.

In Support,


"Liberty is a wise and intelligent woman who gives from the heart. She can help change lives ... the depth and knowledge which emanate from her caring soul have recharged my emotional batteries so many times.

"She is a gifted spiritual individual unlike any other person. The world needs Liberty and her healing words and actions."

- A-G Mallory

"Liberty is a warm, genuine and gifted lady. I have been fortunate to have had her advice and guidance on numerous occasions, and each time have felt enlightened and energised.

"Liberty has been a real source of reassurance and knowledge. I trust her entirely and would recommend her highly."

- E Black

"When I first met Liberty I was feeling disconnected from my genuine self and seeking to heal past trauma. I felt an immediate connection with Liberty; she is so personable, patient, hilarious and an amazing teacher. Working with Liberty felt more like re-connecting with an old friend, rather than getting to know someone new.
"With Liberty’s guidance I feel more confident in letting my true self shine. Liberty’s style of teaching just made some of the skills (such as boundaries, one that I was struggling with) click.
"Working with Liberty has been life changing in so many positive ways. Thank you so much Liberty for your patience, compassion and sharing your wisdom with me."
T-L Hillier, Calgary


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