Liberty forrest

Spiritual Arts Consultant

and Member of The Spiritual Workers Association:
A UK-based Guild of Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers across the UK,
promoting excellence and improving standards in the field of spiritual work.

* All readings and consultations via email or video calls (e.g. Skype)

* Soul Readings * Card Readings * Spell-Casting

* Messages from Spirit * Numerology

* Assistance with Psychic or Mediumship Development

* Guidance for Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward


Understanding Wicca:  

The first rule of Wicca (witchcraft) is "An' it harm none, do as ye will" - in other words, "Do No Harm." Another rule is that we must never, ever, under any circumstances, cast a spell on or for other people without their express permission because we have no right to mess with their Free Will. 

However, Hollywood and a long history of fear and misunderstanding have done their fair share of damaging the reputation of this beautiful religion, a religion rich in respect and honour for All That Is. Sadly, just as there are doctors or lawyers who do not practice ethically, so it is with witchcraft. Some witches choose to ignore the rules but I am not one of them. 


On a ghost hunt...

On a ghost hunt...

Since the 1980s, I've helped thousands of people figure out where they might be stuck, find clarity about their next steps, and discover what could help them to move forward into happier lives.

When people ask for readings, many of them want predictions. However, over the years I've discovered that this reinforces disempowering behaviour in clients and therefore, is not how I choose to use my abilities. Instead, my ideal client is prepared to do some inner work and get to the heart of what needs to change, is excited about creating a magical life, and is asking, "What is my purpose and how can I make it happen?"

As well, I work with people who would like to develop their intuitive abilities and/or strengthen their connection with the Spirit realm. 

Contact me for details.


Banishing nasty spirits from a client's home in Suffolk, England

Banishing nasty spirits from a client's home in Suffolk, England

A Spell is the very careful and highly intentional use of Universal Source Energy to create a desired outcome. Wiccan Rule dictates that Spells must never be cast on or for others without their express permission so as not to take away their Free Will - although there are some unethical practitioners who will do this.

However, I am not one of them.

Spells can be extremely powerful and therefore, it is essential to be specific about what one wants to achieve, and also to look at all potential consequences to ensure that no harm is caused.

In my decades as a practicing Witch, clients have told me that they have benefited from my Spells for such concerns as: prosperity, enhancing marriage or relationship, finding clarity, letting go of the past, protection, breaking unhealthy ties, and much more. Contact me for details.

In childhood, I discovered my abilities as a psychic and medium, which continued to develop over the years and to doing readings professionally. Eventually, I took to the stage where I connected audience members with loved ones in spirit.

For five years, I appeared approximately monthly on Sue Marchant's evening show on BBC Radio doing psychic phone-ins for listeners. To me, this natural gift is just one more way that I've been able to offer comfort, hope and peace to those who are struggling.