"Liberty is a wise and intelligent woman who gives from the heart. She can help change lives ... the depth and knowledge which emanate from her caring soul have recharged my emotional batteries so many times.

"She is a gifted spiritual individual unlike any other person. The world needs Liberty and her healing words and actions."

- A-G Mallory


At the age of four, I taught myself to play the piano and organ. At nine, I began to take formal lessons, eventually performing on TV, radio, at the Calgary Stampede, and many other venues by the age of 12.

For many years, I was a church organist, pianist and choir director until my spiritual journey led me down other paths. 

I love listening to most kinds of music; my interests are varied. I enjoy playing many styles of music, too (especially classical), and love composing instrumental pieces. Well, it's not really "composing." I hit the "record" button and play whatever falls out.

One of those pieces is featured in the video below left. I created this emotional piece of music at one of the most painful times in my life. 



This is my debut as an untrained singer/songwriter. Thanks to my dear friend, Frank Moffatt, for pushing me so far out of my comfort zone, he shoved me right off the cliff... 

Frank and I were out for coffee one evening and he was talking about his days as the manager for his sons, international boy band "The Moffatts" (I still love their music! - Click here for my favourite!).

As he knew I had a musical background, he offered to come over and write a song with me. The song below is what ended up happening.