Award-Winning author, Liberty Forrest is represented by Knight Features Literary Agency in London, England and is the author of several books, which you will find featured after the comments below.

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"Liberty writes her blogs and books from the heart combining personal experience and fantastic literary expertise. She is on a mission through her workshops and publications to help others through healing, using her special gifts. Although Liberty is across the world she can reach out to you through social media and her website and I'd highly recommend signing up to her newsletter."


- Paul Flint, UK


"I believe Liberty Forrest is one of the literary geniuses of our time. This is no ordinary woman... all of her stories in The Spirit Within are stylistically different from one another, and spellbinding...She is a truly remarkable woman and writer."

- Pat Bradley, Cheshire, England


"Liberty's writing leaves you wanting more, wishing it didn't end..."

- Mrs Charles Senior, Bolton, UK


"Very inspirational...truly a wonderful writer!"

- Melinda L. Clarkson, Oregon, USA

"Reading Liberty's writing is like having my own personal rainbow delivered every time."

- Debra Carney, Orlando, Florida